Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hair Help

Hello everyone! After looking at a few pictures I decided it is time to get a new look. I have had my hair every different color....but have been seeing dip dyed and ombre hair trending. What are your thoughts on it? So you can get a better look to help me out, this is me.

I was outside that day so please excuse the hair. I have dark hair when I tend to do blonde highlights, there is the pain of them looking like they grew out a few days later. I always love to do something different, and I think that is why I'm loving the dip dyed hair or ombre look. What should I do? Below is a picture of ombre hair.

Obviously mine is much darker but you get the idea. Now here is dip dyed.

 So if you have a second let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing them!

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T90Kate said...

I love the dip dye too but I’m worried it will damage my hair. I got these instead - I&K dip dye hair extensions They’re available at and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the turquoise one! Kate x