Monday, July 9, 2012

Enter the World of Lazoo!

Have you entered the world of Lazoo yet? "Enter the realm of a child's imagination, a place of endless possibility where cars race across tree branches, mermaids teach dinosaurs to sing, and ghosts host fashion shows. In this world, kids are encouraged to think independently." ~Lazoo

(The picture above was provided by Lazoo.)

The mission of Lazoo is to foster a child’s creative process, encourage self-expression and empower the imagination. Their products are adorable and encourage your child to learn and their creativity to soar. Their line of apps and books are great for the little ones. Their clothing for the kids is also adorable and you must check them out for infants and toddlers.

Their Hoshi Backpack is adorable. It is yellow which is a great color for kids, and the adjustable straps and zipper make it easy for your little one to carry around their toys and more. The kids also love the matching key chain that is attached. No more carrying around your child's toys. They will love to do so on their own!

My kids LOVE sticker books, and just cannot get enough of their Stickers! book. With this sticker book their imagination is a big part. Are they going to create a birthday party or are they going to help the monkeys decorate their pancakes? It is an adorable book that lets the child create as they learn.

If your child loves to be the little artist and color then you should get them the Let's Color! book. You can draw fire for the monsters, or add more objects to a water scene with a boat and the sun.

If your kids are always looking for new apps, Lazoo is a great stop for you. Check out their apps for your iPad. You can get Let's Color for your child to play! So what will your child love in the world of Lazoo? Make sure you follow them on Twitter @Lazoo4U, and like their Facebook page.

The products were provided to me by Lazoo for review.

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