Saturday, July 14, 2012

A peek into Celebrity Homes

Written by Steve Harris on behalf of Time4Sleep. Steve is an interior design enthusiast, rugby player and musician.

Flame-haired beauty Julianne Moore is already an inspiration to women everywhere thanks to her classic sense of style and glittering career, but when you take a peek at the décor in her New York apartment, you'll find a whole new reason to revere the actress. Her bedroom offers the kind of simple elegance that you'd imagine would result in perfect clarity of mind every morning. A sprawling bed similar to those available from bed specialists Time4Sleep is given the recognition it deserves - in pride of place at the centre of the room. Crisp white sheets which, according to photos from World of Interiors magazine, appear to be from New York bed linen store Olatz, are the perfect addition to the ultra-comfy-looking bed.

A grey headboard is coordinated with luxurious curtains which frame the two windows as they stretch from the soft beige floor to the cool white ceiling. A few simple pieces of art and a pair of unfussy wall-lamps set above the bed give the room a peaceful and slightly melancholy air, while an empty white marble fireplace reminds us of the luxury quietly present in the room.   

Moving on from understated chic: celebrity couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have recently splashed out on a stunning $10.45million (£6,703,675) L.A pad, according to an exclusive report by TMZ. With six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, their new abode takes luxurious living to new extremes. On the outside, the building is snowy white and pristine.  Perfectly-pruned shrubs are set at regular intervals, and inside the perfect placement continues. In the hallway, a grey and cream colour scheme is brought to life by diamond chequered flooring and then echoed around the rest of the space by the skirting boards, sofa and even the wall-mounted figures that guard the front door.

While just as grand, the living room takes more risks than the entrance hall. A collection of old-fashioned circular chandeliers similar to the antique piece here, descend majestically from a white ceiling, while strikingly stark white walls play host to luxury paneling and floor-to-ceiling windows. The unexpected twist comes from the zigzag patterned dark wood flooring, which gives the room a more substantial, homely feel.

Throughout Gwyneth and Chris's new house a luxurious base of whites, creams and sleek lines are personalized with country-home inspired additions which, despite it being just one year old, give the home a traditional quality - perfect for a family with young children

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