Monday, January 2, 2012

Xonex Stylish in 2012!

It is all about getting organized in 2012! First place to start, my home office! So while you are organizing it is always great to completely redo everything! Spruce up your office with hot new items. I love Xonex, "Our product - Writing instruments with a twist, creative art sets and beautifully simple stationery accessories. Our goal - To provide quality, uniqueness and affordability while having a lot of fun doing it!" ~Xonex 

One item that I LOVE is their Mag-Neck Pens. As much as I love this item for myself because I'm always searching for a pen when working, I had to share this item with my husband. He is always taking pens with him, and sometimes he forgets to take them out of his pockets. Yes, you know where I'm going with this. Pens and washers are never a good combination, especially with other clothing.

Their other pens are great though to have anywhere you go. I love the style, the size, and the quality of the pen. If you are anything like me then you love a pen that writes well. I also just like to own a ton of pens because I'm always searching for one. So I will be sure to order more of their pens so I can have them stashed away in every corner of my home and in my car, and purse. You always end up needing to write something down!

Wait, it does not stop there! Their art kits are great for not only the kids, but adults as well. I love the case of the kits. "All the art materials you need to create... anywhere! Plain, brown paper exterior allows you to personalize all sides. Rope handle and closure. Set includes: 18 colored pencils, 12 oil pastels, 8 watercolor cakes and 1 each; paintbrush, sharpener, eraser." ~Xonex 

This set is also very easy to take with you everywhere you go. Are you taking art in school and want something simple to take with you to draw? Or does your child like to have their supplies with them when they go to a family or a friend's house? This is perfect for them! Even better, they can draw on the box to make it their own art case.

Now I'm a magent fool. It is difficult to find magnets that actually will hold items on the fridge. There are so many times that I will hang something on the fridge and turn around and it already fell off. So irritating because I will sit there and keep trying to get the flimsy magnet to hold the paper on the fridge. It is just a piece of it should stay right? Not with many magnets. So finding Xonex was great because i LOVE their magnets!

Do you like to read? If you do not own a kindle and still do read actual books, these are the most stylish and cutest bookmak pens ever! Never lose your page again with these! Great as gifts too. Always fun to throw something unique in a gift bag.

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