Sunday, January 1, 2012

Celebrity Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso Shares Baxies!

Celebrity Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso has shared Baxies with me, "The First Ever Fun & Fashionable Earring Backs!"

I'm loving this idea! How unique and different! I have been embarrassed when I used to wear earrings with backs that weren't matching. Not a good look... Now wearing your hair up and showing off the back of your earrings can be fun.  Say goodbye to wearing mismatched backs to earrings. This is one trend that is sure to be a success! Thanks for creating such a smart product, Baxies!

I mean, they are fabulous! They have them for girls, women, and men. So if you are looking for something different and unique to get for your boyfriend or husband who has his ear pierced....check out Baxies. Your daughters will love this idea too! People everywhere will soon be wearing these. Why shouldn't the back of your ears get the attention the front of your ears do? They sooooo should! Won't you join in and grab your first pair now! Which style will you choose?

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