Thursday, December 8, 2011

Welcome Anne Marie from Little Choux for the Holidays!

"Hello, I am Anne Marie from the new online children's boutique, Little Choux.  I am a working Mom with two kids, 4.5 and 3, who loves to decorate and find unique things.  When my son was just a baby I found myself constantly searching for unusual toys, accessories and products for the home.  What started as a fond obsession with Etsy, developed into a worldwide hunt for well-designed, colorful, functional and aesthetically inspiring products.  While the thought of opening a brick and mortar shop was a bit daunting with a young family, I decided an online venue would be a perfect place to showcase all of the wonderful products I was excited to have found.

Literally translating into the word cabbage, “Choux” is used as a French term of endearment that means “little darlings.” When I was a little girl, my Grandmother lovingly called me “Chou Chou.” For me, the name came to symbolize the essence of childhood—a time of nurturing, growing and establishing strong roots. My hope is that Little Choux inspires parents to cultivate a unique and memorable childhood for their children." ~Anne Marie, owner of Little Choux

I LOVE her site. You can find items for your little ones to play with. She also has storage products, decor, and items for your little ones to use when it is time to eat. Searching for clothing? Little Choux has that too! This is a one stop shop for adorable products for your little ones. Plus, just in time for the holidays you can get gifts too and use the code: OURGIFT to get free shipping through December 16th!

Make sure you connect with Anne Marie on twitter @littlechoux.

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