Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Parade

Saturday with the entire family is so much fun! Pack a day of taking the little ones to see Santa and the holiday parade in Leesburg is exciting not only for the kids, but the adults as well. You never know what to expect or what you will see in a local parade. My sister's family and I all packed in to have a day full of fun! Even though it was very chilly outside, the parade kept us smiling and the little ones had the glimmer in their eye and their tummies were satisfied with all of the candy that was being thrown to them.

Who else would start the parade? The officers are first off coming down the street. Then there were many vehicles that were either super sleek, or they were fire trucks, work trucks, cub scouts and more! The variety was great and kept everyone entertained!

I think this was not only one of my little ones favorites, but I also though the mini train they created for the parade was great! 

They are so cute! Beautiful! I think the one below was my favorite! So cute with all the bows and tinsel!

Of course at the end of the parade was Santa himself. Strolling in on a old red car of course, he decided to come in style this year. Doesn't he always? Reminded me of that Mercedes commercial when he walks into his garage to choose which red vehicle he was going to drive to deliver all the presents. 

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sara said...

Oh I love parades! Sorry I missed it!