Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holidays with Value City Furniture

Before Thanksgiving my husband and I really wanted to get a new table for the holidays. Great timing to do so because you can always find fabulous deals on furniture as you move closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We always talked about it throughout the year, but the conversation kept arising, and I remembered a table that I saw as we passed by Value City Furniture. After reviewing the table and checking it out online, we decided it was the one.

Value City Furniture has a lot of great furniture that is affordable and made very well. That is the reason we headed there because we saw at the Plantation Cove Set. We checked it out, lifted the furniture.....it was heavy and very sturdy. What better time was it to go shopping then close to Black Friday? The store was decorated for the holidays and was beautifully set with all of their gorgeous furniture for every room of your home. The store manager was very helpful and had a great personality. It was very refreshing to walk into a store and have a sales person try to make your shopping experience a memorable one by not just trying to sell you a piece of furniture, but also trying to make your visit a fun and exciting time. I LOVED that! Now all I can do is to show you their beautiful furniture. I could have bought so much more if my wallet allowed me too!

I love the white and the black furniture together. I think it makes such a huge statement in a home and really stands out. Throw a pop of color in there with a throw pillow or a centerpiece on the coffee table with some color and your room is complete. I just love these pieces and definitely may be returning for them, Why not? At their affordable prices how can I refuse?!

The table arrived in no time and I was shocked how quickly the guys were able to bring in the table and set it up. Plus, it made such a difference in my room! I was thrilled when we were all able to sit down at such a beautiful table on Thanksgiving, and now we will be able to for Christmas. We were able to fit so much more food too! I LOVED it!

Now after the beautiful table is set.....it is always time to eat! All the food was delicious and I cannot wait to set up the table for Christmas! The candle below was made for me by my mom. I just love it! The table was of course all ready for dinner so everything was out!

Are you ready for the holidays? Do you LOVE your dinette set? Now is the time to head over to Value City Furniture to order one to make your dining room stunning! Believe me, you will love the look and even more, you will love how much more affordable it is! 

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It was very refreshing to walk into a store and have a sales person try to make your shoppingmodern bookshelves