Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magic Whiteboard Products

Came across this site, Magic Whiteboard Products, and I was very interested. My kids LOVE to draw, color, create items on paper and by using all sorts of tools. I have always searched for a dry erase board for them but never have been successful in finding anything I liked. Until now.

Look how easy it is! You unroll the product, tear off how much you need, place it on a surface, and draw! Can it get any better and easier?

Here is a little information from their site:
"Magic . . . Whiteboard, Gridded Whiteboard, Blackboard, Clearboard, Blackout Blinds and Mini Sheets are made from recyclable, statically charged polypropylene film that sticks with static to almost any flat surface. These products provide a fantastic alternative to flip charts and whiteboards: cheaper, less bulky, portable, environmentally friendly and fun to use. They all stick without glue – using static – on any flat surface." ~ Magic Whiteboard Products

Perfect for presentations, training events, conferences, brainstorming sessions, kids to draw on and more.
• Each roll weighs less than 2 pounds.
• Portable and lightweight
• Tear off one perforated sheet or use more to create a whiteboard up to 65 feet long with a single roll.
• Custom cut to any size or shape with scissors.
• Leaves NO marks, will not peel paint off the walls.
• Sticks to painted walls, wallpaper, glass & wood.
• Stick paper notes and photos to it – without glue, tape or pushpins.
• Use with normal dry whiteboard markers, wipe clean & REUSE each sheet.
• Simple to take down & stick back up again somewhere else.
• Made from recyclable statically charged polypropylene film.

I think these are great for adults and little ones. I also think it is a neat idea to use for covering a fridge. I have seen many articles where people with old fridges were using cork boards, or chalkboards to cover the ugly appearance of their old fridge. The Magic Whiteboard Products would be so much easier to use though because you simply stick it on the surface!

Does your little one have trouble going to sleep in their room because too much sun shines through their blinds? Get the Blackout Blind and they will sleep soundly! All of their products are easy to put on and easy to take off! Simple and in a matter of minutes you are done!

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