Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Holidays with Betty Crocker

What do the holidays bring?, decorating, singing, dancing, spending time with friends and family, and baking! I LOVE to bake. Cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, and more! I love to bake from scratch as well as go to my local store and grab a few mixes from trusted brands. Which brand you ask? Why Betty Crocker of course. I was lucky enough to be selected to review the Betty Crocker mix, along with utensils and an apron and pan from Betty Crocker and through MyBlogSpark. Very kind of them and I was able to bake. I was one happy lady!

Baking brownies with Betty Crocker is very easy, and is a great treat for your little ones. This is something you can grab to mix up really quick. Want to make it even more unique. Throw some cream cheese mix in there to make them a bit more special. You are able to find all kinds of great recipes on Betty Crocker, especially for the holidays!

After setting the oven to 350 degrees, you mix it all up and let it sit until the oven is ready. Throw it in and you have yourself some delicious brownies! What special treats do you like to make for the holidays?


sara said...

One of my favorites is making Ohio Buckeyes! They are a family favorite.

One Stylish Momma said...

I like making a snowball cake! It is a chocolate cake with a coconut filling and coconut frosting! Yumm-o!