Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome Sew Chic ~ A New Addition to Chic Style Modern!!!

I'm super excited about this new addition; SEW Chic! Everything is still in the works, but I had to share these gloves with you. I will be providing more details soon about the owner and her other fabulous creations. She is truly an amazing and talented person!

Don't you just LOVE these?! They go with anything, and they are very well made. I love them because you can still do things with your hands but also have warmth at the same time.

Fingerless gloves go with any outfit too! Wear a crochet pair on the colder days while you are on the go. Or you wear a leather pair with a hot outfit for a night out. Either way, they are a must-have! I found this picture of Katie Holmes. I still LOVE the outfit and love those gloves!

Want to find out more about who is the owner of SEW Chic? Then subscribe to my blog and watch your inbox! The owner and more details of her products will be coming very soon! I cannot wait to share the fabulous news with everyone.

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