Monday, October 31, 2011

Have a Spooky and Happy Halloween with World Market!

Happy Halloween!!! What are you planning for this scary and spooky night?? Haunted house? Haunted hayride? Or maybe just a good old fashioned night of Trick or Treating! That is what we will be doing. My little ones are going to be a knight and a princess. I will be sure to post pictures later. I always like to make them a pair. One year they were Dorothy and the Lion and I LOVED it!

So during this spooktacular and awesome Halloween time I love to bake. Plus I always love for my little ones to decorate too! They got to decorate the cake above with sprinkles. I like to do things from scratch as well as make goodies that are easy to make. What is easier than grabbing a box of cake mix and decorating cupcakes for Halloween? What to make your treats look even more scary? Head to your closest World Market for your Halloween needs and grab their Spider Cupcake Stands. They have the best decor and accessories for Halloween.

What is even better? Right now you can grab a set of four for only $4.79! Keep and use for every Halloween! Make your cupcakes stand out even more with creepy crawly spider legs!

Now, can you guess who this celebrity is?

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