Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in October 2011

October 29, 2011. Who would have ever thought that we would wake up to snow flurries dropping from the sky? Monday is Halloween and we have snow on the ground, makes me want to start decorating for Christmas! I feel all out of sorts. This morning I was able to get my little ones to sleep in a bit longer than normal. Waking up at 9 am was nice, especially since it is the weekend. My daughter wakes up every morning at 7am asking if it is time to go to school. I do love how she enjoys school so much, but everyone does need a break every now and then.

After realizing there was no school, the little ones started begging to go to McDonald's to get breakfast. Really?? I have been asked every single day this week to go for their breakfast. I think once is enough. Trying to get their minds off of it, I told them to look outside. We all heard how we were expecting snow, but I do not think anyone really believed it. "SNOW!!!" Immediately they are running to the steps yelling, "Christmas!!!" "There MUST be presents downstairs!" Well......usually snow would be closer to Christmas, so good for them linking it all together. However, I had to explain that we have not even gone trick or treating yet. It took a bit to understand.

I'm still trying to get used to the idea of snow in late October. One thing though is I'm not completely ready to go roll around in the snow, and definitely was not at 9:30 am. So my little ones were not completely happy when I said no to going outside after they pulled all of the pool toys out to dig in the snow. By the way, we usually do not use the pool toys in the snow, but not a completely horrible idea.

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