Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alignment Tip #2 by Sonia Palecek

Here is Alignment Tip No.2:

Most people these days complain of tension in the neck n shoulders. Because we carry our shoulders too high, they suffer from chronic shortening (upper trapezius and levator scapulae muscles). This then overloads the spine, which makes the body unstable. And all of this costs you ENERGY.

The key is to become aware and conscious of when you are lifting the shoulder and tensing them - at the time of doing it. Then you can allow yourself to adopt a different approach.

Try this:
Inhale and lift your shoulders up and feel the shortening and tension of the muscles. Now lower the shoulders down very slowly (exhale). Feel how the muscle fibres are stretching and lengthening like a chewing gum. Visualise the shoulder blades gliding down the back.

Lift the shoulders again up to your ears and feel the creeping tension starting to set. This time leave the shoulders to gravity and allow them to be drawn down slowly - try to let gravity do the work.

Observe how the head and shoulders separate, it almost feels like the shoulders could fall down to the pelvis. Allow them to keep on dropping....

Isn't it nice to have a neck and all that SPACE :-) ?

Love n light

Sonia Palecek

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