Friday, August 5, 2011


I LOVE PKBOO's products! They are super stylish baby accessories that are great to have for any chic mom! You can choose from there different styles; Lily, Poppy, or Clover, and these baby accessories are fabulous for a gift to a mommy-to-be! 

Each four piece gift set includes a very stylish storage bag, an adorable bib, burp cloth, and one-of-a-kind changing pad. The prints are just amazing, and every mommy will love to carry around their PKBOO.

The quality is amazing, and this is truly a unique product that you will cherish. Why must your carry around a drab looking changing pad that is always sticky and cold to your sweet baby's behind? No need to do that anymore! You can now lay your baby down in style as you change their diaper. Is it time to eat? Pull out the matching bib so there is no food getting on their adorable outfit. What is even better that you can throw everything back into the convenient  bag that is super chic as well! This is a must-have for moms and a must-have for friends and family to buy a mommy-to-be.

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