Friday, August 5, 2011

Chelsea Baby


Chic Style Modern loves working with Celebrity Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso! She is always "in the know" and has the hottest new brands to share with us!

Introducing Chelsea-Baby, the most adorable products I have ever seen. Chelsea-Baby is unique and carries its own sense of whimsy. They are first of their kind to introduce snap on and off accessories for their shoes and headbands!  Chelsea Baby shoes are made using only the highest quality materials and are 100% made locally in the USA. Each shoe has a “Sensuede” sole and back. “Sensuedeis the first of its kind luxury suede made entirely of recycled fibers. The “Sensuede” material used in making these shoes is also 100% “GREEN” in its entire milling process. And MACHINE WASHABLE. Simply remove the Snap On Bouquets or Bow-Ties and toss in the wash. SO SIMPLE!

About the designer:

Chelsea Geenen  went to school at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC for accessory design and started  constructing shoes and handbags from the bottom up. While there, she knew that she wanted to design her own line someday. She went to work for the DONGHIA Showroom in NYC starting out as an intern sorting fabric samples, and trying to learn everything she could about the textile industry. Chelsea quickly moved up to sales representative and started playing with the big boys and girls. She thought she had made it, Minnesota girl moves to the big city! But Chelsea was not done there. She moved to Chicago to manage a showroom and from there back to MN where Chelsea became the outside sales representative for textile companies such as Designers Guild, Clarence House, Osborne & Little, and Nina Campbell. If you are familiar with any of these designers prints you would would know where she gets her inspiration from, Chelsea loves COLOR! Putting different patterns and textures together and hopefully introducing a fresh take on fashion to the childrens marketplace. After constantly working for designers she thought to herself, "I am a designer too, and I should start my own line". So thats just what she did. Chelsea left her position and made it happen. In Chelsea's words "I have an amazing team of people that work with me." We work out of Minneapolis and all the shoes are made out of Minneapolis as well! Another fun thing about the line is that all the shoes are named after the people that I love and are important to me.

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