Thursday, August 4, 2011

SnoozeShade helps your little one sleep!

The SnoozeShade Original is a must-have that every mommy should have on hand. What is it you ask? When you are out and about, maybe shopping at the outlets on a sunny day, or taking your little ones to the park and you have an infant that you push in the stroller.....the SnoozeShade can help your little one fall asleep! Many times the sun can cause a little one to stay awake when they are really tired.....or sometimes your infant may not be able to nod off when there is a lot of people talking or laughing, the SnoozeShade can help!

"SnoozeShade Original is a unique blackout blind for prams, carrycots, pushchairs and buggies. This innovative baby sleep product was created by a British mother specifically to help babies and toddlers sleep for as long as needed in a pram or pushchair.

Made from a double layer of soft dark breathable fabric, SnoozeShade Original provides a shady and well-ventilated sleep environment by blocking 94% of light." ~SnoozeShade

This is the perfect item for your child to sleep when out. I know when my daughter and son were infants, they would be so tired you could see it in their eyes. However, being outside and they would be in the stroller, they would try so hard to stay awake because either they could not sleep with the noise, or they were afraid they were going to miss something.  The SnoozeShade would have been fabulous to have! All mommies need to get their hands on this product, because your little one needs their sleep even when you are out and about.

Check out the rest of the SnoozeShade family! You can purchase the original which is perfect to have, or get one specifically for your infant's car seat. Or you can get the SnoozeShade Plus; "This exciting new pram cover has all the benefits of the award-winning SnoozeShade Original – most importantly, it is made from a double layer of the same specially manufactured soft breathable fabric that allows good air circulation." ~SnoozeShade Have twins, don't worry, SnoozeShade has a product for you!

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