Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Birthday

So I wanted to share my birthday with you! It was on Easter, so I was able to enjoy being with my family, and getting double the desserts! Hey, one can indulge every now and then, right?

My mom came for the weekend, which my kids loved! A new thing they are doing is telling secrets. Madison's secret consists of whispering in your ear, and then saying, "Don't tell Camden," and Camden's is "Don't tell Madison." They laugh and laugh, and do it all over again. This time they were able to share their secret with Mom Mom.

These pictures are from my birthday, but were made today with the background, thanks to my mom. Isn't this just precious?!!! My hubby made the BEST breakfast for my birthday. He is really a great cook. Egg burritos with all the fixings! 

I got some great gifts too! Flowers and an icecream cake, a new pandora charm for my bracelet, tank tops, and my sister made me a hat! She does really well on everything she has made. Cannot wait for a matching flower to go on it!

Did I mention since it was Easter AND my birthday, I was able to get 2 cakes! They were delish! Coffee icecream cake and carrot cake. Yes, I was cheesing hard in the next picture :)


mommymandi said...

Happy belated birthday! I've never had coffee ice cream cake. That sounds delish!

Chic Style Modern said...

Thanks! It was delicious! From Bruesters.