Friday, April 8, 2011

Try this hair product!

I have the longer pixie style hair cut, pretty similar to Carey Mulligan. I just LOVE being able to really do anything with my hair, and a big styling product in my life with shorter hair is texture balms and waxes. I have tried many, but have also learned a very valuable not go cheap when purchasing a texture balm!

On ShopNBC you can find hair styling products by Peter Coppola, who is one of Hollywood's most successful stylists. His HD Mudd and Texture Balm is awesome! It is not as thick as other texture balms, but does a fabulous job holding each piece of my hair, without making it look greasy. You know what I'm talking about....with cheaper products, even if you do use a tiny bit, it still gave this super greasy look that was not attractive at all!
Here are some benefits listed from ShopNBC:
  • Evens out more natural color, and helps to smooth the hair allowing for less frizz.
  • Immediate results, easy to use.
  • CopaGen Complex Functional Keratin C presents the hair with the essential amino acids and proteins needed to aide in the repair, rescue, renewal and protection.
  • Helps to rescue and rebuild damaged hair.
  • Helps to repair and restore hair strength and condition through daily wash and care.
You can purchase this product for only $19.87 at ShopNBC. This product has 5 stars! Don't wait, head over there today. 

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