Sunday, April 10, 2011


My family went out to eat the other night with a few friends of ours. We decided to try a new restaurant that is located in Downtown Frederick. The place is called Isabella's. This is a Tavern and Tapas bar, and they have delicious food! Words cannot even describe how tasty their food was. I love the idea, how you can either go with one large entree, or you can choose from their small plates menu, which is extensive. With the small plates, you would get like three small plates for yourself because they are small. By doing this, you are able to enjoy more of a variety of food, and you will probably want to keep ordering more.

I really wanted to share more of this with everyone, but I could not find my memory card to my camera. Of course this would happen! If you are ever around in Frederick, MD you have to make sure you go downtonw. There is a beautiful park to enjoy, and you can stop by for lunch or dinner and enjoy this fine spanish cuisine. Next time I will take pictures! 

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