Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharpen your knives at home

Want to keep something in your own home to sharpen your knives? Sick of throwing out your old set of knives because they are dull and do not even cut through a tomato? Now you do not have to anymore! Unless you want a new set of knives.

Wusthof has a variety of sharpening gadgets to keep your knives sharp all year long. One of my favorites is the 2 stage knife sharpener. This sharpener is very easy to use, and also will not take up a lot of room in your cabinets. My husband loves the end results, and believe me, he is the critic of his knives!

This is a very safe and easy to use device. You simply run the knife through a few times, and you are one step closer to cutting through any food product with ease. We have all been there....preparing a meal, going to make a salad and your knife will not even cut through a tomato! You do not have to deal with that anymore.

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