Monday, January 10, 2011

It is that time again!

Not only do I LOVE to blog, write, jot down ideas.... I love to decorate. I love searching online and getting fab ideas about how to improve an area of my home. Our Modern Home Upgrade started with Brizo and Blanco, and we have introduced another company. You may know them, Shaw Floors? I am sure that name rang a bell!

Shaw Floors recently launched a new collection of carpet, which is a must-have in any home! I do have to be honest, I was almost ready to completely rip put every single piece of carpet thread in my home, but after coming face to face with their new styles, I knew what was going to happen next.

Now, even though I do blog about must-haves, and giveaways, and ways to spruce up your home, I will be featuring home products as well. I did expand, and created Chic Style Modern Home, but then I had a thought. Why should I make my readers go back and forth, back and forth? I know I would get irritated. So I am bringing everything to you, all in one place!

I am super excited for this year, and what I will be doing and the companies I will be featuring. I am on a kick again of decorating homes again, so plan on seeing many new things!

Happy 2011 everyone! It will be a great one.

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