Tuesday, January 11, 2011

H2O Plus

What type of face products do you use? Do you look for a  product that will help with oil, or one that can help to prevent blemishes. When you go to a store, the amount of brands that there are  can be overwhelming. You could stand in  front of the same aisle for a half an hour or more. Is it worth it?

Well many women and men have turned to other sources. You see the ads for products that claim to help with any facial need you may have, but you will only know when you spend the initial payment of $19.95 and $19.95 for every other month after. I personally do not want to have to make that commitment for a face cleanser.
The Oasis Oil-Free collection has a variety of products that can fit your needs. You can purchase their bestseller, the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment for $34.00, and see what everyone is raving about. H2O Plus has listed their key elements in this product:

"Multivitamin Complex: A supercharged blend of vitamins A, C & E that helps increase skin’s elasticity while delivering powerful antioxidants to help repair and prevent cell damage.

Phospholipids: Cellular compatible microspheres that deliver active ingredients within the epidermal layers while helping to improve skin texture.
Hydrating Marine Blend: A triple-powered synthesis of marine botanicals that optimizes skin’s moisture balance while bolstering free radical resistance.
•Wakame: Brown kelp fronds harvested from the Sea of Japan; energizes skin’s natural functions and recharges tone
•Sea Lettuce: Dewy yellow-green leaves cultivated from the coast of Brittany, France; supports skin-firming collagen and elastin
•Fennel: Waxy green ribbons abundant along rocky English sea cliffs; empowers skin to resist aging environmental damage" ~H2O Plus
The hydrating product helps to diminish fine lines...who would not want this? There is also hydrating products for your eyes, for overnight, or you could purchase kits for a daily routine. The Oasis Daily Hydrating System is a $51 value and is sold for only $40. This product will rid away makeup while keeping in moisture to help diminish fine lines.

There are several other items that are in the Oasis Hydrating collection as well that you would love! Go to H2O Plus to see what could work best for you.

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