Monday, January 10, 2011

What do you look for in a shoe? Do you look for comfort? Or do you look for style? Do you like a heel or a flat? All of these are many things that people look for when shopping for a shoe. Have you ever thought to also look for a shoe that is Eco-friendly? Naya shoes has several stylish shoes that came out in Fall 2010, and a great for chic moms like you.
"Naya was born from the belief that shoes should be beautiful on your feet, soft on your step and gentle on the environment. Because you should never have to choose between what looks good, what feels good and what is good for you and for the earth. Naya means renewal and this inspires and guides us in everything we do to create shoes that: Renew your spirit with expressive, feminine style. Renew your body with exceptionally soft comfort. Renew the earth with environmentally-thoughtful designs." ~Naya

They have several collections from their Fall 2010 line. There is the Kimono Knot, which is one of my favorites. You can get their clog, which comes in a few different colors. The shoe is super comfortable, and very chic. Made with suede, and are very durable, and even better, are Eco-friendly!

What else can you say about this clog? They are adorable and stylish! You have to get a pair to truly feel the benefits of this shoe.

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