Friday, October 1, 2010

American Girl Reading

Not only does American Girl have dolls that every girl desires, but they also have a variety of books as well to keep their minds growing. Your daughter can now have their American girl sitting in their own chair while listening to them read from one of their book collections. Girls will love to read even more when it is about their favorite dolls!

There are books for every preference. Does your child love mysteries? There is a collection that would be great for you to get for the holidays! Once the snow comes, your child can go on a mystery ride with all of their favorite books! They can relax indoors after playing outside and will dive right into titles such as "The Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery," and "Clues in the Shadow: A Molly Mystery." You can select the books from the doll that your daughter loves! You can purchase the Paperback for $6.95 or the Hardback for $10.95 online at American Girl.

You can choose from several other categories as well; such as Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Activities, Self, Spirit, & More, Movies & Music, and Games & Puzzles. Your child can learn how to cope with changes once they enter Middle School with "A Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School." The book sells for only $9.95 and your child will gets tips and other advice on the changes that come from going to a new school. There are also other books that can give advice for different things that can happen. There is the "Smart Girl's Guide to Style," where your little one can learn to have fun with fashion and select styles on what works best for them with their own personality shining through.

Do not miss out on several other fantastic books as well! There are so many that your child will love to read, and will keep close to them just like they do their American Doll. Perfect for the holidays, and a great addition for every girl's room.

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