Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Potty Training

Being a chic and stylish momma involves more than just making ourselves look pretty each day!  We still work our hours for our businesses and jobs, continue our education, teach our little ones, take them to school, plan events, trips, etc.! The list is endless, but it is such a rewarding experience and I am sure any parent would say the same. One joyous even that we all get to experience we well on our journey of parenting is potty training. My daughter is not four-years old so I have already done this once, but since my son has turned two we knew it was finally time to jump on the potty training wagon once again.

There are so many ways that you can attempt, try, or fail at. One routine is not always going to work for the next, and that is why you should always look and do research to see if you do need external resources such as potty training movies, and books, and other visual aids. There are also some who jump right on and have no problem at all!

I have heard many theories and ideas as to whether boys or girls are easier to train. I still cannot  determine at this point in the process. How about everyone else? I would LOVE to hear about every one's potty training experiences and what worked for them!

Post a comment with your experience. We are looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Lisa Hill said...

sadly at first i pretty much shamed my daughter! i would say "only babies wear diapers!" and she would answer "i'm not a baby!"
then we bought all kinds of little potty's…and potty seats…UNTIL we hit the jackpot! i purchased a folding potty seat with a step…it allowed her to climb up on her own. made her feel like a REAL big girl! and Voila potty training commenced!
now she is a champ! (except at night…still wears pull-ups)
you can pick up the potty seat at One Step Ahead!

Anonymous said...

When it came time to potty train I would take them to the store and pick a pack of stickers and a few prizes. (My girl picked princess and my boy picked Cars) I made a potty chart. A sticker for every accident free day, everyday we would see if they earned a sticker after brushing their teeth. They earned prizes for the milestones. When the stickers were all earned we had the Princess and Cars party for them. It has worked for my two children, cant wait for the third to be ready.