Saturday, October 2, 2010


Going back to school was an exciting time for everyone. For some, it was their first time stepping foot into a school. The emotions of our little ones were at a high and a low as they took their jackets off to have a seat next to another child. Some were happy, but some were also very sad. As a parent, all we could do is comfort them and tell our little ones how great of a time they are going to have.

Putting your child in preschool is a fun and fabulous experience. They are able to learn how to meet new friends, as well as prepare for kindergarten, which expects more out of our little ones than it used to. As a parent, we give them the confidence and their fashion of course! We choose only the best for our little ones to make sure that they stand out in a chic and modern way.

Many preschools require using a tote bag rather than a backpack. One place to get the cutest tote bag is Kinderbliss. Kinderbliss was created and founded by the creator of Pediped Footwear. Angela Edgeworth wanted to be able to bring a wonderful shopping experience to everyone for babies, toddlers, and maternity. You can find chic and unique products from Kinderbliss that you will fall in love with!

The designers of the Dumpling Dynasty Tote Bag had spent years in China and fell in love with the style and features of Chinese Art. The bag is just adorable, and a perfect size for your little one to tote around. Everyone will LOVE the vibrant, vivid colors of the bag, and you will receive so many compliments. What makes this bag even more special is that the time and care that went to each bag really shows that the quality is fantastic. Each product image can take up to two months to draw. My daughter just loves hers and uses hers for school. She loves being able to use one, especially one that is made well and very stylish. She may be four-years old but she loves to have the best products! You can get yours today at Kinderbliss for only $11.99 on sale. The regular price of the tote bag is $14.00, so get it now to save. Get the Dumpling Dynasty Change Purse for only $7.99 to make it a set.

Kinderbliss also sells a variety of other products that are a must-have in any wardrobe. My personal favorite is the Crinkled Dress is a very chic dress for your little girl. It is cotton so it will be super comfy for any occasion, and she will be thrilled to wear it. The dress comes in sizes from 12m to 6, and sells for $38.00.

Get your son a Knucklehead logo shirt for only $34.00, and they will be very hip wearing this soft and comfortable shirt. Others are available as well in different styles and patterns that are great for the Fall season. Finally, the little rompers for the wee little ones! They have adorable rompers to keep your baby cute and comfy for the colder weather. The Beatles Romper comes in 3m and 6m, and sells for $42.00.

Stay up to date with new products and offers on Kinderbliss Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @kinderbliss.

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