Monday, July 26, 2010

Reading to your little ones...


Reading to your little ones will help them to learn. Depending on the type of book, they can learn about riddles and rhymes, colors and shapes, numbers and words, or animals. The possibilities are endless when it comes to teaching your children. I love reading books to my children that were read to me when I was little. Nursery Rhymes are always great books to read as well. Curious Baby Curious George has several books out that are great to read. Curious Baby Curious George My First Nursery Songs comes with a CD too, that has thirty minutes of nursery rhyme songs. Sells for $8.99. Musical Art is my H. A. REY, Curious George illustrations by Greg Paprocki, patterns by Margaret McCartney, and packaging by Joyce White. Enjoy other books from the Curious Baby line as well for ages from birth to Pre K.

Another book that is great to read is "Let's Sign, Baby!" Written by Kelly Ault, illustrations by Leo Landry; the book teaches you and your baby and toddlers sign language. "Studies show that babies who sign develop increased vocabularies, experience less frustration, and begin to speak earlier." ~Kelly Ault, Leo Landry

The book sells for $7.99.

Finally, the "Quiet Book." Written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Renata Liwska; the "Quiet Book"  teaches your little ones that many activities during the day can be quiet. Your kids will love this picture book and will be taught that sometimes, being quiet can be fun too.

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