Friday, July 23, 2010

On the Go in Style!

Bodum is a family owned company, founded by Peter Bodum in 1944. The company went international because of the fabulous concept; development of products. Peter recognized in the beginning the importance of industrial design and his approach set the groundwork for what BODUM stands for today. Eventually his son took over the company, and while respecting tradition, he started expanding the company and creating products which brings innovative products to us today.

The company sells a wide range of products. You can find coffee makers, coffee mugs, anything to do with coffee needs. If you love tea you should check out their tea pots and cups and other necessities. They have your grilling needs, tabletop needs, and anything you can think of for the kitchen, they would have a great quality product that is creative, inspiring, and functional for everyday use.

Here are a few items that are great to have in anyones kitchen.

TRAVEL PRESS Coffee Maker in a selection of vibrant colors. Available in a choice of vacuum sealed double wall stainless steel or double wall BPA-free plastic, the insulated TRAVEL PRESS will let coffee lovers enjoy their daily fix on the go. The TRAVEL Press keeps beverages hot or cold for several hours while maintaining the aroma and flavors of a freshly pressed cup of coffee. 

The process is so easy! Add the ground coffee, pour in the hot water, seal the lid, and after 4 minutes, press down the plunger and you have great coffee. You can also use with tea. Comes in 12 and 16 oz, and has a non slip silicone grip eliminating chances of hot coffee all over your work clothes. The closable lid stopped with keep the drink sealed at all times when not using it.You can also buy the mug which has the same benefits but without the press system. There is a variety of travel mugs to meet your needs and style.

The BEAN ICE French Press Coffee Maker is specifically designed to simplify the cold brew method for preparing iced coffee, a traditional Japanese technique in which coffee slowly pours through a finely woven filter. The cold brew method eliminates the bitterness caused by hot water and enhances the coffee’s chocolate and caramel flavors, delivering smoother and richer tasting coffee. Follow these steps for a tasty beverage!
  • Add coarse ground coffee and cold water to the beaker; stir; cover with tightly sealed lid and let rest for 12-24 hours. 
  • Replace the lid with the filter system and press. 
  • Dilute with cold water, ice and milk before serving. If desired, add flavored syrup or sugar for a signature drink!
The BEAN ICE has a 51-ounce capacity and comes in black, purple, red, green, orange, blue and yellow. In addition to the BODUM press system, this unit features a seal-tight lid for use during the cold brew resting process.

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