Monday, July 19, 2010

Easy Find Lids

Storage, storage, storage.... is there ever enough? Having enough space in your kitchen for pots and pans, plates, bowls, and tupperware... there just never seems to be enough room. We need tupperware in our life, but I know that I cringe every time I go to open my tupperware cabinet because I know something will come flying out at me. If you have tupperware, which I am sure many of you do... you completely understand where I am coming from. I have always wanted a food storage system that is great for containing food in my fridge or in my pantry, and when I am not using the item, it stores away neatly. After many years, I have finally found system for me. 

The Easy Find Lid Storage System is a necessity for any kitchen. The lids snap to each other as well as to the bases of the containers. They are stackable meaning you have more room in your cabinets and pantry for other kitchen items or food. You can get purchase in a set, and the graduated storage items allow you to place the smaller in the larger container meaning less space used. These containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, and they are very durable for everyday use. 18-piece set for $9.51.
Easy Find Lids

Another food storage item from Rubbermaid is the Premier. The food storage containers are made with Tritan plastic, which means they resists stains and odors that tend to happen over time. The Premiers have the Flex & Seal lids  that are also very easy to seal and remove. These containers are also part of the Easy Find Lids System, which means that they can also snap to each lid and the base of each container. Purchase a 12-piece set for $17.99. These containers are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.


One of my favorites from the Easy Find Lid Storage System is the Produce Saver. I love to buy fruit and vegetables from farmer's markets and produce stands. You may spend slightly more than you would at the grocery store, depending on the product, but not always. Depends on where you stop. The Produce Saver keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp up to 33% longer. The tray separates the moisture from the produce, allowing the product to stay fresh, longer. You can purchase a 4-container set for $11.71.
Produce Saver
The final set of the Easy Find Lids Storage System is the Lock-Its. These containers have four locking tabs on the lids to prevent spills. Like the other containers, these lids also snap to one another, and snap to the bases as well, leaving more space for other necessities. You do not have to worry about something spilling in a bag when you take food on the go. The food will stay in its place, and you will never have to worry about cleaning up another spill. The containers are available in 10 sizes. Purchase the 12-piece set for $13.99.
Lock-ItsRight now there is the Big Summer Event Sale going on at Rubbermaid. Save 10% on orders over $50! Enter the Code: Summer2010 when in your shopping cart. Hurry! Ends July 30, 2010.


Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

One of my favorite food storage systems! I have loads of easy store lids sets from Rubbermaid and they all fit compactly in the tiny space I have available to store them :)

Maria B. said...

These are my favorites! i just bought my second set so i could have more (my friends like to borrow them too!) You can also get a great deal for them at some retail stores!