Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stair Project

It's that time of year. Besides taking control of your life and working hard to get fit, many people are also taking a second look at their home. We have many projects that need to be finished, but one that really stands out is our stairs. The carpet is from the original owners, and they were not taken care of too much. I have cleaned them over and over, and the stains still seem to come back. So now I'm getting inspired by all of the DIY stair runners I have seen from other bloggers.

This is what we have right now on our stairs. Just a basic neutral color carpet that is very old. 

I would really LOVE to rip up the carpet, and paint the steps white, and put a runner all the way down. Something like this that I found on Shelterness.

(Picture from Shelterness.)

I love the all white stairs with the colorful runner. So as we get to work on this project I will be sure to share with everyone! Where do you go shopping when it comes to creating your own stair runner? I would love to hear your suggestions.


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Lyda Tavorn said...

Wow! The idea of changing a simple old carpet into something vibrant is exciting! Everyone will definitely be stunned once they see your staircase in a different way. So what was the stair runner you've used then? Printed carpet is a trend right now, so it's indeed a wonderful idea to apply it on your home!