Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have to Get Yourself an Espro

Do you drink coffee? How much do you usually drink every day? Coffee is a very popular drink for many. Whether it is something you like to enjoy in the morning, or you enjoy sipping on while you read a good book by the fire, it is enjoyed for many reason. The variety that you can purchase nowadays is amazing. Do you prefer caffeinated or decaffeinated? Dark roast or a mixed blend? The possibilities are endless.

Now, making the coffee. You can purchase coffee beans and grind them yourself. This is the way my husband and I go. We have tried many different brands, and are always on the hunt for something new. 

Recently I came across a new company, Espro. Have you heard about them? "In 2002 Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean met for a coffee, and sketched the Calibrated Tamper on the back of a napkin as a way to improve the ease of making good espresso. By April 2004, ESPRO™ had emerged dedicated to helping serve the best possible cup of coffee. Many more patent applications and 
products have followed!

Along the way we have learned that improving coffee requires action from everyone - farmers, roasters, equipment innovators, shops, restaurants and passionate consumers.  Here is our manifesto - the 5 things we believe are needed to make coffee better for everyone...
  1. We should know where our coffee comes from, what country, what co-op or farm, and whether a fair-price was paid
  2. Our coffee label, shop or server should be able to tell us what flavors to expect in what we have purchased
  3. We should be able to actually taste the coffee flavors we were told to expect, and the flavors should blow our socks off
  4. Our coffee equipment should work and be easy to learn, teach and use
  5. We should celebrate the coffees we serve by serving them with care, thoughtfully pairing them with complementing flavors and textures of foods, and teaching others to appreciate this drink as we do with fine wines" ~Espro 

As soon as my husband laid his eyes on the Espro Press, he fell in love. He knew right away that it was a great product and very well made. Designed for "optimal brewing," it will give you the full flavour by fulling mixing the grounds and the water. Do not worry, this item is dishwasher safe, so clean-up is a breeze. Espro was kind enough to provide us with a few tips on using their espro.

"We adopted this method from a World Brewers Cup competitor who used the Press in competition, and it's suitable for both sizes:

Preheat the vesselGrinds in - slightly finer than French press, and adjust to taste
Water in (~202 F) - I typically fill in about 30 seconds, ensuring that the grounds are saturated - I don't preinfuse. Do not stir, do not put the filter in (cover with a plate if you want to keep the heat in - I typically don't though.) Brew for ~3 minutes (adjust to taste.) Push the grinds under the surface with a spoon (don't stir, just push them under.) Wait 30 seconds, and press.

In terms of the coffee to water ratio, we recommend about 6g to 8g of coffee for every 100ml depending on preferred strength/taste etc:

Large Espro Press -  ~60g of coffee with 1000mL of water (35oz) for the large Press. You can obviously brew less than a full pot but the smallest I would use is 600 ml water with 36 g coffee. Below that I
would go with the single serve press.

Single-Serve Press - ~22g of coffee with 300mL (10 oz) of water for the small Press. 

If you are interested in hearing more, head over to their Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @esproblog.

We are ready for a cup of coffee, how about you?

(All of the pictures in this post were provided by Espro.)

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