Sunday, October 7, 2012

From Our Friends at Hasbro

Things are starting to get a bit spookier as we prepare for a fun-filled Halloween! We’re already busy picking out the best costumes, stocking up on treats, and (of course) pulling out some of our favorite games to celebrate! We can’t wait to share with you some spooktacular finds from Hasbro, including SCRABBLE CATCH PHRASE, which is sure to be a treat on your next Game Night. We also have the coolest Halloween costume ideas featuring some of your favorite action figures!


The game that keeps everyone on their toes and saying the most hilarious things is back with SCRABBLE CATCH PHRASE! You won’t want to put down the SCRABBLE CATCH PHRASE game as players frantically try to get their teammates to guess each phrase. It’s a frenzied game of grabbing, guessing and passing – just don’t be caught holding the game unit when the buzzer sounds!

You may have seen the game on TV lately thanks to funnyman Neil Patrick Harris, who is featured in the new ad campaign. Harris, star of the CBS hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” told us, “It’s no secret I love games, and CATCH PHRASE has always been one of my favorites.”


Hasbro is offering parents a great way to make their dollars go further this Halloween! With their wide range of fun, high-quality and modestly priced role-play masks and accessories from this year’s hottest movies like MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, kids can pretend to be their favorite Marvel Super Hero on Halloween—and keep playing for months afterward. With role-play toys ranging from masks, chest lights, gloves, helmets and more, the Hasbro line of Marvel toys helps parents and kids accessorize the ultimate costume based on popular Super Heroes like IRON MAN, HULK, THOR or CAPTAIN AMERICA from MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS or SPIDER-MAN and THE LIZARD from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

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