Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School with Alex Toys: Slap n' Switch!

I remember these kind of bracelets and watches growing up. They were the fad and everyone owned one. Slap n' switch watches were a big trend for some time. Then all of a could not find them anywhere. Until now. Going back to school means back to school shopping! Not only for school supplies, but to head out and get shoes and clothes. Did you forget the accessories? Alex Toys has you covered.

Oh yes, the slap n switch watches are back, and better than ever. Animal prints are coming back and Alex Toys has jumped aboard and created these fun accessories for your child. They are easy to put on by their self, and they can change out the bands and the metal rings. There are 9 different possibilities for your child to wear. I definitely recommend these watches!

Or if your child loves to push the edge with their fashion sense, throw them all on and add a little color and pattern to your wardrobe! There is nothing that will irritate your child's skin. The slap watch is fuzzy and soft, and is perfect for everyone. My son has been asking for a set in his words, "boy colors."

So which one does your child like the best? Head over to their Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @alextoys to stay up to date with all of their hot items for back to school.

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