Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School with Alex Toys: Duct Tape!

How can you go wrong with a Duct Tape Tote? The little ones will love working on this project! This is Back to School week and we are pushing projects out this week that are fun for your children to do. Once they start school they will have homework and assignments that will have to be completed each week. Why not get a head start and have your little ones using their imagination and creativeness now.

It is simple to do for your child. They can take the colors they prefer, or use them all to create a bag that is their own style. The kids loved this project. They think it is great how they are able to make their own bag. Once the bag is done, they can throw it over their shoulder and show everyone their new style.


So this is what comes in the kit. 6 duct tape colors that are bright and will really pop. There are stencils, and then a white bag. The strap is not connected at first because it is easier to decorate with it not attached. So, which color do you think your child would grab first? My daughter's favorite color is any shade of pink, and my son would grab the green every time. So now, it is time to decorate!

Since we are doing a back to school week with Alex Toys, this is one creation we are going to leave to the end! We will show you the finished bag at the end of this week. So you have plenty of time to head over to Alex Toys and grab your duct tape tote for your child.

If you have any questions, then like them on their Facebook page, or follow on Twitter @alextoys to get those questions answered.

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