Monday, June 25, 2012

Scottevest SeV Molly Jacket

Just the other day it was very cool. Yes it may have only been in the 70s, but there was no humidity and the wind made it even cooler. I'm not complaining though! Every now and then it is nice to have those cool days in between the hot and humid temps. Don't you think? I When taking your kids to the park or heading outdoors for a walk and it is cooler, then you want either a sweatshirt or a jacket. I like the SeV Molly Jacket.

I love the detail of the belt so it does flatter your figure rather looking big and bulky. So what is so special about this jacket? It has 17 pockets for all of your traveling needs. When you think of that many pockets you may think, "Wow, that probably looks huge on somoene." However, not the case. You can go out with your little ones and have a pocket for everything, and still look great!

Choose from onyx or antique, and enjoy the interior with a pop of pink. You always need to have a pop of color somewhere! What I like even better is that this jacket is machine washeable. Just do not forget to take everything out of the pockets!

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Thank you for the great write up on the Molly Jacket! It is fabulous and we are glad you love it!