Monday, June 25, 2012

Cushe for your Feet

Looking for a shoe that is comfortable for your feet? "Cushe, (pronounced 'Cushy') was born in the summer of 2004. A brand conceived by a group of footwear designers and enthusiasts, we are an independently thinking, design led footwear brand, based in the UK, offering unique and exciting footwear choices for a dynamic, inspired and confident generation. The Cushe name reflects a way of life that we as a team aspire to and we spend every day refining our art to deliver only the type of shoes that we love to wear ourselves." ~cushe
There are several shoes that I'm loving. For women, it is the boutique pump which is great to slip on when on the go and want a change from your heels. You will not complain one bit while walking around in these soles. Another one I have my eye on lately for something casual is their Pad it out Lace, which you can choose from black, grey, or red. Since I'm on a grey kick lately I will probably be choosing those. Great to wear in the fall with a pair of jeans. How could you go wrong?

Which style is your favorite? Head over to their Facebook page for new styles, and follow on Twitter @cushefootwear.  

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