Friday, May 4, 2012

Office Candy

Why should your office be boring? I know when I'm working from home (which is ALL the time!) I love having color in my office. Color wakes me up and puts me in a cheery mood. So why should we have just a bland office? We should be able to bring in all of the stylish and modern patterns and put them into our office supplies!

Office Candy gives you an endless amount of options for your office. Celebrity Trend Baby Expert Rachel Florio-Urso is spreading the news and there has been a great deal of buzz about Office Candy. Rachel Florio-Urso just sent that pink file bag to Jessica Simpson for her first Mother's Day! They have the hottest accessories and items for everyone. Oh, and what did you get for your mother? (*Hint *Hint ~ Mother's Day!) I know my mom would LOVE to have their Jamie Raquel File Tote to store away her important papers. Why shouldn't we make it look appealing rather than an old metal file cabinet? 

I know I would LOVE to get my hands on is their Macbeth Collection Step Stools. In my office I have a shelf higher up that can be difficult to reach things. It would also help me in my kitchen since I have shelves that I cannot reach without a stool or chair. They are easy to fold and super stylish, so leaving it out or folding away is perfect for any day!

I could rave on and on about Office Candy but you really should head over to their site to view their products yourself. Trust me, you will LOVE what you find! You can also follow @OfficeCandyGals on Twitter, and like them on their Facebook page! For all of you Pinterest lovers, you can find their inspirational boards there too!

Make sure you like Rachel Florio-Urso on her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @CelebBabyTrends.

(All the pictures in this post were provided by Office Candy.)

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