Friday, May 4, 2012

Do You Have Your Loopy Gear?

How many times has your child dropped their favorite rattle? Do they have a teething ring with toys hanging off that they will take everywhere with them? Now after answering those questions, how many of your children drop those toys on the ground every other minute? When are little ones are still under a year, or even as a toddler, they can pick up a lot of germs from their toys. When their toys are constantly falling on the floor when you are out and about, those germs are just going right to your child's little fingers. 

Yes, you may carry sanitizing wipes with you, but what if you could simply buy something to stop your child's toys from falling on the floor? Now I would like to introduce Loopy Gear! Celebrity Trend baby Expert Rachel Florio-Urso has been spreading the love about this brand! The 100% cotton design is comfortable for your little one to wear on their wrist. No more dropping that rattle!

You can choose from several different styles and you will love Loopy Gear. Mothers everywhere are raving about this item, and now you know you must put this on your list of things to get. You will not be disappointed!!! Make sure you follow @loopygear on Twitter and like Loopy Gear on their Facebook page.

Make sure you like Rachel Florio-Urso on her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @CelebBabyTrends.

(All the pictures in this post were provided by Loopy Gear.)

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