Thursday, March 22, 2012

Products We LOVE From Uncommon Goods!

We raved about them before for finding unique gifts and we are raving about them again. Uncommong Goods is the place to find your friend or loved one, or even yourself something unique. "UncommonGoods is an online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. At UncommonGoods, we believe that creativity and the expression of individuality represent two great human treasures. We have set out to create a business that makes uncommon goods accessible to everyone." ~Uncommon Goods

What I love even more about Uncommon Goods is that they feature handmade products as well as feature the artists and designers on their site. They also love being good to the environment. "Our print catalogs are printed on recycled paper (30% post-consumer waste) and our goal is to sell no product that harms humans or animals. Look for the green recycled icon throughout our website for products made of recycled materials." ~Uncommon Goods

There are so many categories to choose from. Find something unique like magnetic putty, or get the pick punch to make guitar picks for the musician in your life. You may even get a bit overwhelmed when first checking out the site because the possibilities are endless! Something for the home, or your little one or for play! You will be amazed what you could find. Another category I LOVE to search through is their gardening products! Here are a few items that I love from Uncommon Goods.

Picture frames can be costly. You may have several pictures that you want to hang but just do not feel like dishing out so much money for picture frames. Or you may be sick of hammering one hole after another in your wall. If you are like me and are constantly changing up the style and pictures on each wall, then you would LOVE this sticker picture frame set. You can decorate a wall, and then guess what?! If you do not like the arrangement, take them down and do it all over again! Just like it says on the packaging of the Butch & harold Stickr frames, "Peel, Stick, Love." You could get creative though and stick them anywhere!

Here is another item I love. Uncommon Goods sells Pantone Boxes. You can choose the same color to add for storage or add all of them in every color! I love these because I use them as storage and they look great. Instead of keeping your child's crayons and other art accessories in a clear bin for everyone to see, keep it in these Pantone Boxes so that they can go right on the shelf and fit right in.

Now for an item in the kitchen. We are loving the bread warmer. Well, when I say we I must put in that my husband is loving it even more than I am. He is the chef in our kitchen and he always says how he needs the latest items. When he saw the bread warmer he knew he had to get his hands on it. All you have to do is heat the bread warmer in the stove on 350F for 10 minutes, and then you are done. Put the bread warmer in the basket with the bread and enjoy warm bread! 

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