Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inspiration for the Home

I love looking online and seeing how everyone transforms the styles of their homes. I love how they incorporate pops of color in some homes, and others like the more natural colors. Either way, I'm always searching online to get ideas. Does it ever stop? I'm not sure it does. 

I have been living in my home since July 2009 and there are so many unfinished projects. It also seems that every time we do finish one, there is a minor issue where a tile may crack or a scratch in the floor. With little ones cannot get too mad because accidents do happen. I'm sure when I was little I was making my parents feel the same way about things in the house. It happens. 

There is still the unfinished projects though. At times I just wish someone could come in and take over everything for my husband and I. He has been working almost everyday at the fire house, and while working from home, it is almost near possible to fit in any time to work on the house. On the other hand, bringing a fix it man to do it in the home would also be costly, hence why we are DIY homeowners.

Will we ever finish??! I sure hope so. In addition, a long time ago I brought on a home edition on Chic Style Modern, and I'm going to continue that. I will be incorporating brands that are fabulous for the home! If you have any ideas and would love to have your masterpiece or a DIY project included in my feature, just send me an email!

Happy weekend everyone!

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