Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chic DIY Home

We LOVE working on our home! I wanted to keep everyone updated and let you know that we will be showcasing parts of our home for all of our chic readers! I know I love browsing the Internet and other DIYers that showcase their homes and what they have done on their blogs. If you had to choose one project that you just love in your home, what would it be?

On the other hand, being a DIYer also comes with many ups and downs. Yes, the ups is an amazing finishing touch to your home after you are done. However, if the job goes sour.......what do you do? I know we have done a few things and it may not be super straight or perfect, but it is something we did, and it is our home. Isn't that all what really matters? You make the most of your life just as you can make the most of your home. Share your home on your blog! Don't be shy. Even if it is a DIY disaster show it. We have all done it in our time, and probably will have many more to come. That is the only way we learn, right?

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