Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrity Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso launching Media Campaign for Tutu Pour Mon Deux

Celebrity Baby Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso is launching  another fabulous media campaign for the adorable brand, Tutu Pour Mon Deux. First of all, the name is lovely, and their tutu t-shirts are very adorable and stylish for every little trending baby girl or toddler. You will start to see their tutu t-shirts everywhere as they are hot off the press and moms are buying them up!

Charged with color, and full of energy…and that’s not just our tutu t-shirts – it’s the little girls’ wearing them! We’ve combined a band of organza and colorful ribbon and attached it to the bottom of either a sleeveless or long sleeved shirt with a unique image ironed onto the bodice creating a one of a kind, little girl’s tutu shirt. Our tutu’s come in an array of eye-catching colors with prices ranging from $34-$38 and come in sizes ranging from 18 months to 6T.” ~Tutu Pour Mon Deux. 

Another feature of their site and an option for all of their customers is to Design Your Own Tutu. I LOVE this! Your daughter and you can sit down and create your own masterpiece with your own favorite frills that Tutu Pour Mon Deux offers. It is very simple. First you select the shirt style; a tank top or a long sleeve. Choose the size and a color of the shirt. Then you are able to select a patch to go on the shirt. Your daughter will have a difficult time when choosing their patch to wear!

The next step is to choose the color tutu. There are eight colors available so you can create a really awesome tutu t-shirt! Now what would be the final step? A tutu is not finished without a ribbon! Now that I think about it. They have a beautiful selection of ribbon and trying to choose just one will be hard.

Once you are done your tutu t-shirt, add it to the cart and you are done! Creating your own tutu t-shirt is so much fun! Have you created one yet?


Anonymous said...

I love these! So cute for Valentine's Day...or whenever. sure to be the favorite gift this year.

tutus for babies said...

Love these dresses, so pretty xx