Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Capresso Espresso and Cappuccino

If you are like me, then you must have your coffee everyday. I have used every single machine, and recently I fell in love with the Capresso EC100. LOVE everything about this. I was using a regular coffee pot. Grind my coffee beans, and then would put enough coffee in the filter for 10 cups and brew so it would be read for my husband and I in the morning. Eventually, the coffee kept tasting more and more watered down. I could not figure it out! Still to this day, I'm not able to figure out what is wrong with it. I received the Capresso in the mail, and the EC100 is an amazing Espresso machine!

So even though I do have to make each cup versus making 10 cups with a regular coffee machine. The flavor of the coffee is so much better, and strong! I need a bold flavor in my coffee. Mix it with my french vanilla creamer and mmmmmmmm, so delicious! It is simple to use too! I brew the coffee and my husband set a timer to make the best espresso. Then I put the creamer in my cup and use the steamer to warm it up. Nothing worse then adding hot coffee to cold creamer! What do you end up with? A cold espresso, so not tasty.

Here are the features and benefits from the Capresso site.

  • Stainless-steel lined ThermoBlock heating system with 15 bar pressure for perfect high-pressure brewed espresso; water never comes in contact with aluminum
  • Removable 46 oz. water container for easy filling
  • Self-locking filter holder with thumbguard
  • Two sieves to produce one or two rich, thick crema espressos at a time
  • Single sieve for use with pre-packed espresso pods or pre-ground coffee
  • Unlimited steam output produces hot frothed milk for cappuccino and latte
  • Separate frothing positions for steamed milk (latte) and frothed milk (cappuccino)
  • Removable heavy-duty stainless steel cup warming platform
  • Indicator lights for "On/Off" and "Coffee/Steam"
  • Easy to clean removable stainless drip tray
  • One year limited warranty

Head over to Capresso and grab your EC100 now! Like them on their Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @CapressoTweets.

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