Friday, December 23, 2011

Stocking Stuffer

When it comes to shopping for my husband, I really try to find new brands and items he has never came across. I also try to be very creative, but somethings he just needs. He is very particular about his earphones. Someone mentioned dB Logic to me though, and I knew they would be perfect for him!

Their products definitely match what they say. "Be good to your ears." ~dB Logic
LOVE how they make earphones that are so small and give you such a loud sound that is clear. There is nothing worse than listening to your music as you run or work, and all you hear is static or the sound is muffled. That is what we would call "cheap." Sometimes you do have to spend a little more for products like these to make sure you are getting an item that is made well and will deliver a big sound.

The dB Logic earphones also come with small, medium, and large rubber tips to fit any size ear snug. I love how they come with a case too! So when you are not using them, store away to keep them in great shape! Lightweight so when you are working out they will not bother you at all.

Here is more information from dB Logic on why their earphones are the best.

"SPL2 Technology limits sound pressure levels. What’s sound pressure? Sounds are essentially air vibrations—called sound waves, and these waves exert pressure. Larger waves exert greater pressure, which is measured in decibels (dB). With long-term exposure to high pressure, you can lose your hearing throughout time. A unique, proprietary innovation, dBLogic’s SPL2 Technology reduces this exposure by limiting sound pressure to 85dB, based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and European Union (EU) guidelines.

Why limit at 85db? In the USA, OSHA has offered the guidelines here, while the EU has offered various guidelines that are very well summarized on this site, entitled "personal music players and hearing". On the basis of these guidelines as well as advice generally stated by audiologists, dB Logic has chosen to provide limiting at 85dB SPL.

Though limiting the pressure, SPL2 technology carries the clear sound you want to hear without distortion, clipping or interference. How, exactly? It modifies the original sound wave while closely matching the original profile.
Conveniently set in your headphones and earphones, SPL2 technology is the only battery-free and distortion-free SPL limiting technology on the market today." dB Logic

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