Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hester Van Eeghen

I LOVE this brand I recently came across and had to share for the holidays! I shop all the way up to the last day before Christmas. Why not? I love it! Fa la la la la!!! I know I'm not the only one out there who does. So, you may be asking...."Well, what is the brand??" Meet Hester Van Eeghen. I like the name, kind of catchy but formal. They have very stylish and modern handbags that I just LOVE!

Now when it comes to the quality and prices and a handbag, I always spend more. I have been through many handbags and the ones that cost $50 versus a few hundred, well they do not last long at all. In the long run I keep spending more on the cheap bags and they never hold up! Well, Hester Van Eeghen has modern handbags that you can choose from.

One handbag that I cannot take my eyes off of is the Monocle. This is a limited edition handbag that has a very simple design, but will turn heads.

What do you think? Isn't it beautiful!? It really is. The colors really pop and work so well together too. Another one of my faves is the Inner Circle. Once again, this handbag comes in a few colors that pop, and they quality is amazing. This is truly a handbag that will last and gives you that luxurious modern look.

Hester Van Eeghen also has other products as well for both men and women. Wallets, office bags, and more! Head over to their site and check out their products. They will last! Like their Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @hveus.

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