Saturday, December 3, 2011

Put Ahnu Sausalito Suede Under The Tree for Your Loved One

When I did my Black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving, I grabbed two pair of shoes. I grabbed a simple pair of flats and I grabbed my Ahnu Sausalito Suede Shoes. I had to have an option right? Every woman loves to have her choices, especially when she is out and about shopping all day! Long story short, I ended up taking off my flats and putting on the Ahnu shoes because my feet were killing me! Let me tell you how much better my feet felt after putting on my Ahnu Shoes. Why did I not start the day off with them?! I guess we only learn the wrong way.

 You can choose from three colors, Castlerock, Black, and Tawny Port. "The Sausalito minimal runner is designed with less material between you and the ground to allow for a more natural stride. The street appeal also makes this a great casual choice." ~Ahnu

I LOVE the colors that are available! I cannot stress how confortable these shoes are! Ahnu states that there is less material between the bottom of your foot and the ground, but you would never know. There is so much support and confort to make you a happy person. Want to know something else? Right now you can get FREE SHIPPING and if they happen to be the wrong size, there is free returns too!

Ahnu also has other style for both men and women. You will LOVE the look and the selections. Choose a hiking shoe, a boot, and more! If you are one who has not heard about Ahnu then read more about this fabulous company below.

"Jenny Fredericks and Jacqueline Van Dine - friends, mothers, athletes and industry veterans who share a work hard/play hard philosophy. Preferring trails over treadmills, they enjoy outside activities with friends and family as a way to unwind from life’s demands.
Unfortunately the outdoor industry offers only bulky and banal footwear that compromises their sense of style. They yearned for active products that made you look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you look.

Joined by Jim Van Dine, the three founders combined their passions by engineering performance shoes with modern organic aesthetics, on-trend designs and sleek, vibrant colors. By making “outdoor” more accessible, just as fun and a little less “agro,” they hope to inspire life of nature sufficiency.
With careful and intentional choices, they found a balance between fitness and fashion, performance and aesthetics, profit and philanthropy, and work and play. It was only fitting that they named their company after the Celtic goddess of balance between well being and prosperity. ~Ahnu. Walk new ground." ~Ahnu

Trust me, you will LOVE their products! Make sure you connect with Ahnu on their Facebook page, and follow Ahnu on Twitter @AhnuFootwear.

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