Friday, December 2, 2011

Looking Back at Old Photos

Every now and then I like to sit down and pull out all of my photos of my little ones when they were babies. I know they are only 3 and 5, but it always seems like they are growing up so fast. In the matter of a blink of an eye something has changed, or they have grown taller, or you may have missed something that they have done. This is why I LOVE to try and capture those special moments. 

My dad sent me a photo today of my 3 year old son when he was a baby. When your little ones were infants have you ever tried to give them either a taste of a lemon or a pickle? Well, my husband did. Even though the picture shows different, he did love it!

This is precious! I LOVE it!!! Do you have any pictures where you were able to capture some hilarious expressions? I would LOVE to see them! Email me: and I can share!

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