Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Put this Secret Pocket Pillow on your Child's Christmas List

I do not know about your little ones, but my two little ones LOVE their pillows. I'm not talking about a regular standard sized pillow, but ones that are smaller and either have a very cool design, or a secret hiding spot inside of the pillow. So as you can see, the Secret Pocket Pillow is PERFECT for them! 

You may have seen this pillow on t.v., but I really do love the quality. It is soft, and to make your life easier, you have four styles and colors to choose from. For your little girl you can get her the Florence Flower or Bella Butterfly. For your son choose either the Cody Car or Rocco Rocket which is in the picture above. Below I took a picture of the zipper that is on the back. I think it is a really neat idea. It is a secret but still easy enough for your child to find. 

Yes, my little ones do try to bring all of their pillows everywhere we go. In addition to that, like to bring their cars or barbies. This pillow can carry those small items so everything is in one! They will think it is the neatest thing, I know I do! Are they heading to their Mom Mom's or Pop Pop's house to stay the night and you are trying to condense everything into one? Throw their toys into their pillow to give you less to carry.

Right now you can order a Secret Pocket Pillow for $19.95 + shipping and handling. Also, if you would like to buy more than one, you can save 15% off on each additional pillow. PLUS, for a limited time there is a hidden toy in each pillow! Perfect time to buy, and your little one will LOVE it!

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