Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Posture Tip by Sonia Palecek

With the National Back Awareness Week just finishing I thought to send you quick tips this week,  to keep you aware and conscious of your posture. 

Here is the 1st tip:
Have you stuck your head out to read this?
If you have, pull it back in - remember that in ideal alignment you want to have your ear over your shoulder. Gently pull the head back, but keep the front of the neck soft whilst elongating the back of the neck. Your chin should be parallel with the floor.
Feel the crown of your head 'floats' up towards the ceiling.

The ideal alignment of the head and neck is the one in which the head is in a well-balanced position that is maintained with minimal muscular effort.
...make adjustments small, if you are tensing elsewhere to get this right, it is NOT right. Little and often is the key.

Love n light

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